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A Canadian Parable of Faith

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on with 1 Comments

ice lake

"It is the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown it is larger than all the garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches.” Matthew 13:32 (ESV)

A Canadian Parable of Saving Faith

Many years ago in the Yukon a trapper came to a river that was frozen. He did not know whether the ice could bear his weight, so he got down on all fours and began to creep over that river, barely moving, thinking that any time the ice might break and he would drown in the cold waters below. While he was crawling, careful and afraid, he heard a monstrous roar behind him. He turned his head and saw roaring out of the forest a wagon drawn by four big horses, loaded with heavy logs, being driven by a lumberjack. The lumberjack roared out of the forest and crossed the river without the slightest hesitation. Beside him was that fearful trapper crawling on all fours.   

That is exactly how some of us Christians are. Some of us are fearfully crawling, wondering if we will ever make it. We wonder if God will let us get five feet from the Golden Gate and then let us stumble, so we will not make it. Our faith is small. Then there are others who roar out of the mountains, across the rivers of life, and right up to the other side into the Gates of Glory. But did you know that in God's sure hand one is just as safe as the other. We are not saved according to the size and proportion of our faith.

The Trapper stepped out on the ice, careful and afraid. It took him longer to cross the ice than the lumberjack, yet the safety and security of both men depended not on their feelings but on the thickness of the ice. It is the same with God. If you have trusted Him and taken steps of obedient faith, regardless of whether you have boldly stormed across the pages of Scripture or have taken one careful and fearful step at a time, you are held by the Word of God.   

Your faith may not be as robust as that of Peter; it may not be as deeply understanding and theological as that of Paul; it may not be as sweet and trusting as that of Saint John; but if you come to Jesus by faith, you are just as saved as the Apostles who leaned on Him at the last Passover. A small faith, no matter how small, is still a saving faith. What a marvelous hope and a precious promise to us from Christ!

Now, Lord, we pray - may our faith increase!

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CAROL ANN Jun 27, 2017 7:05pm