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Bored? Stay Connected...

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

Bored? Stay Connected...

Social Distancing is Biblical. Sounds strange, right? I know you might be surprised to hear that, but the first instance in the history of the world regarding quarantine and social-distancing is found in the Bible. Specifically, the book of Leviticus, Chapters 13 and 14, deals with leprosy, and Israel is given specific quarantine instructions. While these instructions are not exactly what we are being directed to do right now from health authorities, they are very, very similar. Incredibly, it is believed by many medical authorities and historians that Leviticus 13 and 14 are the very first records in human history of the public health category of quarantine or, “social distancing.” God gave direction for this situation several millennia before there was any understanding of germ theory, infection, bacteria, or even the existence of viruses.
Israel had a responsibility in obedience to God to do what God had said in an effort to try to isolate those who were infected, and also to try to protect the country from this larger threat. This has obvious application to our situation today where the very same logic is in play.

But! The Bible also calls us to maintain social contact with each other as much as we can. Fellowship, friendship, and love are written all over every page. We need to continue to worship God together as much as we can, and we need to continue to chat with each other as much as we can. How do we do this?

Livestream First Baptist Church Worship Services
 When the quarantine lifts, we gladly look forward to you worshiping with us in person, but until then, you can still worship with us online.

FirstBaptistKamloops.org: We have a dedicated live streaming page on our website where you can join our worship services live, in real-time every Sunday morning at 11:00 AM, Pacific Time. The benefit of working through our webpage is that we don't collect any data from you, at all.

YouTube: If you're comfortable cruising around YouTube, you can follow our YouTube channel and see what's going on with our worship services on Sunday morning at 11:00AM.

Facebook: For those who are social animals and very familiar with Facebook, you can follow our worship services live through our Facebook page.

Staying Social with Each Other
We are fortunate that we can continue to stay in touch even when observing social distancing. Here are a few apps that can help you stay connected to each other:

ZOOM: A Video Conferencing App that allows you to see your loved ones, conference call with a large group, and talk to each other across any internet or WiFi connection.

Skype: Another Video Conferencing App that allows you to video-chat for free across an internet or WiFi connection. But, for those who have loved one who are less technologically savvy, for a small fee this app will allow you to make conference calls among multiple individuals and include those who can only be reached with a landline.

WhatsApp: This will allow you to text message anyone anywhere in the world, as well as video-chat with anyone who also has the WhatsApp app installed.

We look forward to seeing you again, soon.

In Christ,
Pastor Josh

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