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Do I have a personal relationship with God?

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

“Do you have a personal relationship with God? Does He speak to you?

His question was sincere, but he was bemused by my response. “All the time,” I said straightforwardly. “How about you?”

The high school student shrugged as he munched on his bag of popcorn, and he responded in his bemused fashion, “Sure He does. Why not? Yeah, He speaks to me.”

But he was unprepared for my next question, “In what way? And are you sure that it is really the true God who is talking, and not some imposter?”

“Uhhhhh...” The student half-chuckled and half-struggled to give a meaningful answer to those questions. How about you? Can you answer those questions? These are questions that the unbelieving world is asking, and too often we're responding with, "Uhhh..." I’m worried that within evangelical Christianity we are not very clear on what we mean when we suggest to people that they need to have a “personal relationship with God.” Do we have a personal relationship with Him? Do we speak with Him? Does He speak with us? If so, in what way? How do we know that it’s really Him?

In a culture that increasingly views church attendance as participation in a sort of spiritual Wall-Mart where spiritual goods and services are distributed, and every week you can go to get your ‘God-fix,’ in a culture that regards the Bible as a ‘How-To’ help manual that can be consulted when we hit a problem in our daily lives, in a culture that regards prayer as the spiritual equivalent of “Emergency: Dial 9-1-1,” I am increasingly convinced that we just don’t know what it means to have a daily personal walk with the living God.  And I’m talking about genuine believing Christians.

As stewards who have been given God’s precious truths to declare to this generation, are we living out those amazing promises before our children? Do our children observe our ‘personal relationship with God’ that we talk so much about them needing to have?  

As God’s designated light in the work place, do our coworkers and colleagues observe a vibrant friendship with God?

Do visitors to our church see this within us even on Sunday morning?

How can we talk about a ‘personal relationship with God’ that we don’t participate in, or possibly don’t even have? As a result, I’ve decided to spend some time writing on what it means to have a daily personal walk with the Father. This is the beginning of a multi-part series on having a personal relationship with God. Stay posted and follow me through this, and hopefully, together, we can grow deeper in our friendship with the Father.

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