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Finding God in the Secret Place

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

Is God even listening to me? Is He listening to us?

Perhaps, I should ask this question: are we taking the time to talk to Him? Are we praying?

If we are praying, what exactly are we doing? When we pray, are we sharing with God, or are we begging from God? Or is it both? Perhaps, before addressing the 'what' of it all, a better question to ask is, "Why?" Why do we pray? What is behind all our requests and petitions, our sharing and telling to God? Is God a magic genie to provide useful resources and goods to us, a cosmic Santa Claus... Or is He something more? Do we regard Him as a friend that we trust and confide in?

Or is God just Someone that we use in order to enhance our standing with others? While I'd like to believe the former, I fear many within evangelicalism, and perhaps a few here at Bridge Baptist Church, are guilty of the latter. What's the solution? And how do we fix our gaze only on Him? The answer lies in finding Him in the secret place. Be sure to join us Sunday as we continue our Living Red series, looking at Matthew 6:5-6. See you Sunday!

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