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It must stop.

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

When I was residing in College Station, as my wife was completing her horticulture degree at the University of Texas A&M, I had a weekly practice of getting up early on Wednesday mornings, driving down FM 60, turning onto East 29th Street, parking, and taking up a vigil outside the medical facility of Planned Parenthood.

I would get up very early, and I would assemble together with other Christians from my church in front of the abortion clinic, and we would pray. We would cry out to God for the little ones being killed in that facility on that day. We would cry out to God for mercy for our country. We would cry out to God for the families that would be torn apart by these actions once they came to understand what they were doing. We would spend Wednesday mornings in tears over the atrocity of abortion.

This habit became so ingrained into me that even now, years later, I still jerk awake unnaturally early on Wednesdays. I usually am able to go back to sleep, but it is a reminder to me, as I find it difficult to sleep in on Wednesday mornings, that somewhere in this world amazing innocent gifts from God, precious children, are being brutally murdered.

Listen to this expert eye-witness testimony. And be alarmed at the terror and violence of it all. The Lord will pour out his wrath some day for things such as this. I still pray on Wednesday mornings that God would banish clinical child murder from North America. Lord, may we as a country stop worshiping at the altar of Molech, and may we stop offering our children in sacrifice to our own personal prosperity.

It must stop.


Tags: abortion, molech, child sacrifice, prayer, god, mercy, justice