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Leadership: To Witness is to Lead.

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

"Nothing of importance happened today." Those were the words that King George III of Great Britain wrote in his diary. Just another humdrum day with nothing important to talk about.

That day was July 4, 1776.

On that day, another man who held to the motto "Rebellion to Tyrants is obedience to God," published a document called "The Declaration of Independence." The Continental Congress had passed a resolution two days earlier calling for the independence of the nation, but on the "Glorious Fourth" the forceful words of Thomas Jefferson were published before the world as the justification for the Congresses actions.

One man passes his day in lazy idleness while another man spearheads a campaign for freedom. One waits for something of interest to come to him while another compels the forward progress of events.

The kind of leadership found in Jefferson is increasingly rare among us today even within our churches. Despite the rarity of great men among us, there is no scarcity of opportunity for distinguishing ourselves. Is it your desire to be great? Is it your desire to publish your own Declaration to the World? You can. You have the opportunity, and you must.

The Apostle John took a keen interest in the spiritual climate of his day, and he discovered in one of his dear churches a severe and dangerous drift away from the Lord Christ. People were converting to gnosticism and other heresies, so John wrote a Gospel account of the life of Christ to confront and battle these errors.

... He who saw it has borne witness—his testimony is true, and he knows that he is telling the truth—that you also may believe. ...” (John 19:34–36, ESV)

In the final chapters John recounts the death of Christ, and then issues this profound call: "He who saw it has borne witness... that you also may believe." Do you want to spark a revolution? Do you want to lead? Do you want your life to count for something besides the whimsical passing of idle time? If so, then share the Gospel! Proclaim the truth! Confront the unbelief of the world around you by saying that 'you, Joe Schmoe, believe!' To proclaim the Good News is the leadership that the city of Kamloops is crying out for. To proclaim your faith in the Gospel is the same thing as confronting the lack of faith around you. Too many will conclude this day thinking nothing important happened, and if that is the way they finish their day, it is only because those who know the Truth chose to sit on their hands and say nothing.

In your job, in your school, in your business, in your home, in your community - make a difference, spark a revolution, share the Gospel! Don't wait for events to come to you. You be the one to take the initiative and lead. Bring the Gospel to them!

Today is Monday. Is there someone in your life who will conclude his day today with the lazy caption, "Nothing of importance happened today"? Or will you make sure that something important happens in their life today? Be a witness. Take the initiative. Compel the events of the day.

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