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The Christ's Mass: A Call to Worship

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

When we hear the word "Mass" we begin to conjure up thoughts of Roman Catholic liturgy and rightly so. But have you ever wondered what the meaning behind the term "mass" was? The term "Mass" is derived from the Late Latin word missa (dismissal), a word used in the concluding formula of Mass in Latin: "Ite missa est,"  which is "Go; it is the dismissal.” In antiquity, missa simply meant 'dismissal'. In Christian usage, however, it gradually took on a deeper meaning. The word 'dismissal' has come to imply a 'mission'. These few words succinctly express the missionary nature of the Church to carry the good news of the Gospel to the whole World. Although the Latin term, "Mass" is associated with Catholic liturgy, it is a missionary concept which belongs to all disciples of Christ.

This missionary concept takes its identity from the missionary nature of the Christ, or the Messiah, the Holy One of Israel. God sent His son to be born in the likeness of men in order to bear their sins upon the cross. And so this is what Christmas is all about. It is, in the truest sense of the word, Christ's dismissal and being sent from heaven to dwell among men. Jesus' birthday is the Christ's Mass. As we celebrate Christmas, it is important to remember that this is not a season for getting gifts. It is the season for giving gifts, and the gift which is intended to be given to all men by God is the gift of salvation. Christmas is ultimately a celebration of missionary endeavor.

This holiday season, please worship Jesus. He died to bring you into a relationship with the Father, and you dishonor His missionary endeavor if you squander your time this season chasing after the things of this world rather than worshiping our Heavenly Father.

We have several special events taking place this Holiday season that I want to make you aware of:

Sunday, December 23 - Christmas Worship Service. This worship service will have traditional Christmas Carols and an Advent Message.
Christmas Eve, Monday, December 24 - A Traditional Christmas Eve Worship Service with Carols and Scripture readings in partnership with Grace Community Church and Calvary Community Church.

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