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Top Blog Posts of the Week 10/06/2012

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

blogWhy Jethro? The Wisdom of What God Doesn't Say

A great article on what God does and doesn't say. This is a rather astute observation on the wisdom of God knowing when to speak directly and when to let others offer wisdom.

Pastors Who Didn’t Make the Cut

This has been around for awhile, but it popped up again this week, and it always makes me laugh. I chuckle to think of some of the Bible characters applying for pastoral positions today, and it is rather comical. But then I also think of the high calling of the pastor and his need to live an exemplary life, and I also consider that most of these men did not actually hold pastoral positions, or any position that approaches the realm of pastoral ministry. Again, it's good for a laugh, but try not to draw any hard conclusions from it. Simply know this, Dads: you are never beyond the reach of God's grace to be used in the life of your child!

In Evil Long I Took Delight

A great poem by John Newton.

What to Do When Christianity Is Denigrated

There is a world of difference between Christianity and Islam. According to popular uprisings recently in the Middle East, in Islam people must lose their lives as punishment for the sake of their prophet's dignity. According to Christianity, the Messiah who is God must suffer indignity and die for the sake of others lives. What to do when Christianity is denigrated?

Engaging Your Kids in Discussing Their Day

Dads, read this post and start thinking critically about how you will engage your kids in discussing their day and being involved in their lives.

Image of God at the Kitchen Table

 Moms and Dads, you really need to stop thinking of your kids as simply "your" kids. This is a great article on keeping God in the forefront of how you think of your kids, and how you work as a parent to shape them and mold them for their future.

“This is my child, made in the image of God, called for a purpose.”

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