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Top Blog Posts of the Week 11/10/2012

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

BlogThis is a list of recent blog posts which I found interesting. That I found them interesting doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with or endorse all of the ideas presented in the posts, but that I found them to be intriguing and thought-provoking. They may benefit you as you prayerfully consider your area of shepherding and stewardship, which has been given to you in trust by the Lord. (They are listed in no particular order of interest.) Please post your comments to discuss  any article that strikes your interest. If you have recent blog posts to nominate, please send the link and your reasons for nominating that post to

"Give a man an open Bible, an open mind, a conscience in good working order, and he will have a hard time to keep from being a Baptist." A.T. Robertson

When Biography Shapes Theology

Too often we allow our experiences to overtly influence and shape our understanding of Scripture. This is usually the seedbed of heresy. Rather than striving to understand Scripture through our flawed understanding of our experiences, we must seek to understand our flawed experiences and perceptions through the truth of Scripture. Thornbury does an incredible job showing the danger of this as he discusses the life of Nietzche.

Series: Marriage with a Chronically Self-Centered Spouse

The entire series is well worth your time to read. It is instructive on a lot of different levels.

RERUN – How to Write a Good Sympathy Card

This is a lost art today. We need to know how to express sympathy in a good way!

"Since my mother’s death, two years ago this past Saturday, I have radically altered the way I write in sympathy cards. I now know more fully the pain that death brings into our lives and, having received so many impacting words of comfort from others, am convinced I will never write in a card the same way I did before."


When the living have to bury their own dead

This article gives just the briefest of snapshots into a different culture, and how the Gospel presents unique challenges and interesting questions. I was intrigued, but wished for more.

"Church-planters probably never even consider factoring this in when they start. That was certainly the case for some friends of mine in Turkey. For who would have guessed that setting up a cemetery might have to become a key feature of their growth strategy?"

Brothers, Train Up the Next Generation

There is more to pastoral ministry than just finishing your own race faithfully. You must always have an eye on the horizon, ever thinking about what you need to do to prepare for the journey that others will have to make without you. As men who have been entrusted with something truly special, we must consider how we will protect and execute that trust faithfully, and this always means thinking carefully about the future.

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