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Top Blog Posts of the Week 11/3/2012

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

BlogThis is a list of recent blog posts which I found interesting. That I found them interesting doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with or endorse all of the ideas presented in the posts, but that I found them to be intriguing and thought-provoking. They may benefit you as you prayerfully consider your area of shepherding and stewardship, which has been given to you in trust by the Lord. (They are listed in no particular order of interest.) Please post your comments to discuss  any article that strikes your interest. If you have recent blog posts to nominate, please send the link and your reasons for nominating that post to

Persecution Update November 2012: Morocco

Frontline Ministries provides occasional updates on the persecution of Christians around the world. Here’s a short but important update from Morocco (where, in a population of over 30,000,000 there are only about 2,000 Christians).

Baptist post-Sandy commitment to reach 400,000 meals per day

Everytime you give to Bridge Baptist Church, your offering supports (1) the local ministry of the preaching and teaching of the Word of God through this local church, but it also (2) is forwarded to the Cooperative Program where thousands of cooperating Baptist Churches pool their money together for the sake of ministry, missions, and advancing God's Kingdom on this earth. We cooperate on the basis of the belief that we can do more together than we can do alone. And you see that faith being honored by God as the masses are turning to Southern Baptist Disaster Relief to meet them in their need in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

'Incredible amount of ministry' under way in superstorm's wake

This is another great story documenting how much you, the Members of Bridge Baptist Church located right here in Kamloops, BC, are doing through your sacrificial giving to our church budget. A tiny church located in Western Canada is directly responsible for assisting millions who are suffering on the East Coast. You are saving the world by cooperating, working together, and giving. Thank you!

Want To Get More Done? Stop Doing So Much.

"In a vineyard, the vine keeper knows that if a vine is not regularly pruned, new fruit will eventually begin to steal resources from the older, more mature, fruit-bearing parts of the vine."

10 Reasons to Stay in a Job for 10 Years

Can I love my child too much?

As strange as it may sound, the answer to this question is yes. It is possible to have an inordinate love for your child that actually keeps you from loving God. I appreciated this post by Kim Shay.

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