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Top Blog Posts of the Week 2/9/2013

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

top blog of the yearThis is a list of recent blog posts which I found interesting. That I found them interesting doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with or endorse all of the ideas presented in the posts, but that I found them to be intriguing and thought-provoking. They may benefit you as you prayerfully consider your area of shepherding and stewardship, which has been given to you in trust by the Lord. (They are listed in no particular order of interest.) Please post your comments to discuss  any article that strikes your interest. If you have recent blog posts to nominate, please send the link and your reasons for nominating that post to


Downton Abbey’s Anti-Snobbery

Downton Abbey is obviously something of a cultural phenomenon. WSJ interviews the mind behind it and looks at it as a kind of anti-snobbery. I like the fact that (hopefully) we're moving a little bit beyond petty jealousy and envy. We can actually live life without feeling like nobodys through wrongly comparing ourselves to everyone else who has more stuff and money than we do. Hopefully the enthusiasm for this TV show is an indication of a subtle shift in our petty selfish jealousy.

Let the Republican Party Split

This is sure to get people talking. Denny Burk says you’ve got to read Peter Leithart’s article about the Republican Party. “ If the price of regaining power is to abandon any semblance of Christian sexual morality, the price is too high. If the Republican party can’t bring itself to endorse a traditional understanding of marriage, let it split.”

We Already Have a Messiah

What is the role of celebrity in spreading the gospel? “In our human hearts, for some reason we are constantly seeking some legitimacy to the faith we proclaim to have. We perhaps think that if only there were enough famous people to endorse our religion then there might be revival that would break out. It even often times appears that if we can’t find good enough celebrities, then we will just exalt some of our pastors to celebrity status.”

Church Life

Ministry Briefing

Ministry leaders are inundated by content: some good, some junk. While we know that there is valuable content out there, we just don’t have the time to sift through it all. That’s why, each month, Todd Rhoades and Matt Steen sort through thousands of news items, blog posts, studies, and trends to create executive summaries of those that they believe are most valuable for church leaders. Use the code "trevin" for $3 off the February edition, if you're interested.

 8 Ways to Celebrate Baptisms at Your Church:

When a new believer is baptized, it’s a momentous event. A life’s been changed for eternity! Check out these ideas for celebrating Baptisms at your church.

Actually Living the Christian Life

“Watching is Not Doing: Confronting the Spectator Problem”

You need to start living out your Christian faith. Coming to church every now and again and hearing a good sermon is not authentic Christianity. Stop pew-sitting, stop griping, and start actually serving your Lord. You'll be amazed at what happens.

 The statement, “Christianity is not about a bunch of do’s and don’t’s,” is a bit ridiculous…

I love this post! It's terrific! The cliches that are heard so often regarding Christianity are quite silly. Yes, God is God and you are not. So start obeying and doing what He wants you to do, and quit with the silly cliches. Find happiness in the faith by doing what Jesus actually wants you to do.

Watch Out or the Devil’s Gonna Get You

This is true. If you don't go to church, the devil will get you. It's as simple as that. Read this post and reflect on my post from earlier in the week: Evil needs a few Good Men to Stand.

“In rural America, off a country road, on the soft soil of a weathered field, stands a sobering message for every passer-by: Go to church or the devil will get you!”

Biblical Personal Finance

This article provides a broad overview of biblical personal finance. “It never ceases to amaze me that algebra is required in school but personal finance is not. We desperately need to hear what the Bible says about personal finance.”

Parenting Young Children

Steve McCoy has some GREAT! counsel for parenting young children. I think his advice is good, and I agree 100% with his comments on "Sir," and Ma'am," and making your kiddos sit in church with you.

How’s Your Bible Reading Going?

Just over a month into the new year it’s probably a good time to ask how your Bible reading is going.

10 Reflections on a Decade of Church Consulting:

I love the local church. It’s God’s church, despite its flaws. For ten years, I’ve had the privilege of consulting with churches seeking to grow. Here are my reflections of those years – one reflection for each year.

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