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Top Blog Posts of the Week 8/4/2012

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

blogThis is a list of recent blog posts which I found interesting. That I found them interesting doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with or endorse all of the ideas presented in the posts, but that I found them to be intriguing and thought-provoking. They may benefit you as you prayerfully consider your area of shepherding and stewardship, which has been given to you in trust by the Lord. (They are listed in no particular order of interest.) Please post your comments to discuss  any article that strikes your interest. If you have recent blog posts to nominate, please send the link and your reasons for nominating that post to .

American Gymnast and Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas is my Sister!

During the Olympics it always gets a little interesting in my house. Do we cheer for Canadians or Americans? God has called us to Canada and called us to be Canadian, so we embrace that mentality with our whole heart, soul, and mind. This means that we cheer for Canadians, usually over Americans. Go, Canada, go! But regardless of nationality, we always cheer for family! American Gymnast and Gold Medalist, Gabby Douglas, gave this interview at a sister church in Iowa before she traveled to London to compete, before she became the dominant Olympic Gymnastic Champion of the world! You may not have known this, but my Lord Jesus Christ is pleased to unite us together as one family through adoption, through the blood that He shed for both of us on the cross. So we, in the Claycamp house, always cheer for our family and that includes my sister: go, Gabby, go!

Join or Die! Adressing the Question of Church Membership

This article is saying what a lot of other people are saying lately: a true Christ follower has to be a recognized, active, participating member of the church. A lot of people are saying this, and we find that the dusty, oft-forgotten, ancient relics of historic Baptist Church tradition are gaining in popularity again. 

The Case for Early Marriage

The first two paragraphs made my Victorian sensibilities squeam just a bit. Get through that, and the rest is very good. 

What Lindsay Saw

There is more than one way to skin a cat, and there is more than one way to share the Gospel. Yes, the Word is always necessary, and using our words to share the Gospel will always be necessary. But, we can and should be friendly too! Be sure to read all the way down to the part about Lindsay on this one.

A Perspective on Post-Preaching Feelings

If you have never been responsible for preaching the Word of the living God to a congregation on a weekly basis, to come up on a weekly basis with new, powerful illustrations, new witty rhetoric, and the same old-fashioned exacting exposition of the Scriptures, then you will probably be at a loss to fully appreciate this article. Preachers, you will appreciate the importance of what Steven Smith is saying here. It is faithfulness, brothers, faithfulness that God desires of us. Not soaring spectacular rhetoric. Let us be faithful. I was very blessed by Smith's encouraging word here, and for my preacher-friends from seminary days-gone-by who follow me here at this blog, be sure to give Stevie's article a read.

The Spirit of a Thinker

Trevin Wax gives this quote. I loved it. I hope you are a 'thinker,' and even if you're not, I pray that you have the spirit of a thinker!

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

When we gather on Sunday to worship, it is a very important event that impacts many people. Much time and thought has gone into this event for the past twenty centuries of Christian existence, and you should know that it isn't primarily about you, although you are included. Let me say that again: it isn't primarily about you! But... you are included. So isn't it about time that you stopped making decisions about whether or not to attend worship services based upon whether or not it fits into your schedule, it is convenient, or if you even feel like going? Make Sunday Worship central to the rest of your life and the life of your family. It's been central to the rest of Christians for two millenia.

The Prayers of a Worship Leader

I've been doing a lot of praying about worship and leading worship lately. This was a providential post from God. I encourage you to give it a read, and I hope that it helps you to understand some of our priorities at Bridge Baptist Church when it comes to worship on Sunday morning.


Men, just when you think your job is really bad and your boss doesn't understand you, remember the poor Storm Troopers. You don't have it as bad as they do! We always work for the understanding and forgiving Jesus Christ. Not Darth Vader!

Force Choked!

















Now shepherd that which God has entrusted to you for the sake of His glory!

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