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What freedom do we have in Word?

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

"There is an end to Scripture altogether, if license be given to alter its teachings according to our will." ~Charles Spurgeon

Charles H. Spurgeon, Spurgeon’s Sermons: Volume 9, (Albany, OR: 1998).

All men are called to teach the Word to their children and some of us are called to teach the Word to entire congregations. As men who are charged with the sacred task of making God's Word heard, understood and remembered, there is before us the ever present temptation to go just a little too far, to be a little too creative, a little too memorable, to reach just too much beyond the text. Helping children and friends to remember something is good, but never at the expense of error.  Take care, brothers, take care. At the end of it all, we dare not ever alter its meaning for the sake of remembrance.

Children, you are given by God the amazing gift of a dad and a Pastor who concern themselves with teaching you the deep mysteries of the Gospel and the sacred Truth of Scripture. Discipline yourselves! Embrace self-control! Do not be too lazy to hear it. Do not be too slow to attend to it. Do not be unteachable! You cause your teachers to stretch themselves too far to accommodate your sinful sullenness.

As Spurgeon said, nobody has the freedom to altar its teaching either through imaginative preaching or lazy half-hearted attention.

Fathers, teach the word, Children, hear the word.

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