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Men's Advance

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Men's Advance is near, and we can't wait. This year, we are considering Discipleship and Jared Wilson will be speaking on his book, "Imperfect Disciple." Consider this: What if there was a discipleship conference for people who were a little tired of the kind of discipleship that's all about trying harder and doing better? Men's Advance this year is for the rest of us, people who screw up, people who are weary, people who are wondering if it's safe to say what they're really thinking.

The hope is this: As we consider Jesus - His work In us, Through us, Around us, we will be both equipped and empowered to continue on, being made increasingly into men who are aware of Christ in all areas of our lives.

Fully Catered event with incredibly good food. We're looking forward to being able to spend a weekend together as we consider Jesus and what it means to follow Him. We look forward to seeing you there this year.

Men’s Advance Schedule

Friday, February 14th

6:00 PM - Welcome and Meal

7:00 PM - Worship

7:30 PM - Jared Wilson: First Session

8:15 PM - Worship

8:30 PM - Communion

9:00 PM - Close Out


Saturday, February 15th

8:30 AM - Welcome and Breakfast

9:15 AM - Worship

9:30 AM - Jared Wilson: Second Session

10:15 AM - Worship

10:30 AM - Coffee Break

11:00 AM - Breakout

11:45 AM - Lunch

1:15 PM - Worship

1:30 PM - Jared Wilson: Third Session

2:15 PM - Worship

2:30 PM - Next Steps

3:00 PM - Close Men’s Advance

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