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Becoming a Member

If the life and ministry of First Baptist Church of Kamloops are attractive to you and you think you’d like to put your roots down, share that interest with any of the pastors. Probably before you get your next tank of gas, one of the pastors will have you over to his home, come to yours or meet you at Starbucks to answer any questions you may have and just enjoy some good fellowship. 

The long and short of it is this: if you want to become a member, you will enjoy (probably along with a few others) a six-week new member’s class that explains what we believe, how we practice our faith, and how our church functions. You will also be given ample opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. If, after learning more about what we believe, you want to join, you will meet with one of the pastors to share your story of faith in Christ. That testimony will be shared with our members who will vote to receive you into membership. One of the pastors will introduce you to the church, pray for you, and you will join us and be welcomed by your new church family. 

If you conclude that you are not yet ready for church membership, we would love for you to continue to  worship with us.  Though we believe we can care for you in a more meaningful way as a member, we are happy to continue to serve you and enjoy your friendship with hopes that you will join us someday.  You will not feel excluded.  Perhaps enjoying one of our several Life Groups would help you get to know us better and give you the time you need to be sure of the Lord’s leading in your life.