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Are You a New Believer?

Have you decided to become a follower of Jesus? If you have decided to follow Jesus, no doubt you’ve noticed a number of changes taking place in your life.

Your first years as a Christian are an exhilarating time. You have a new heart and a new mind, and the Spirit of the living God lives in you. You hunger for truth, crave righteousness, and long for Christian fellowship. In short, you are following Jesus! You’ve got a new vocabulary and you’re starting to rethink your approach to old habits, hangouts, pastimes, and friends. You deeply desire the salvation of lost friends and loved ones. You’re becoming exactly the kind of person God wants to use for His glory—holy, useful, and effective, a follower.

As a new Christian, God has granted you an amazing inheritance, a treasure trove you can take advantage of right now. The spiritual resources of heaven are at your disposal as you carry out your new commission as an ambassador of Jesus Christ. Here’s how we’d like to help…

If you’re a new follower of Jesus, we’d like to send you a series of books called Design for Discipleship, from the Navigators Christian Ministry. These are an accessible, readable, encouraging introduction to the Christian life.  Design for Discipleship will explain your newly acquired standing before God, help you to process new truths, and show you how to “plug in” to the church.  It’s the big picture of what it means to be a part of the body of Christ.

Simply fill out the form below—we’d love to hear your testimony, but it’s not required—and click “submit.”  We’ll send you these short books, written with new believers in mind, free of charge.

It’s our little way of saying, Welcome to God's Family!


    • You have become a Christian recently, within the last 12 months.
    • You live in Kamloops, BC or the surrounding region.
    • You are requesting this book for yourself, not someone else who has become a new believer.
    • If you want someone else who is a new believer to have this book, feel free to send him or her this offer.