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What makes us different?

Our Distinctives

The Centrality of Scripture & Expositional Preaching

We believe in the Doctrine of the Sufficiency, Inerrancy, and Authority of God's Word as contained in the Holy Bible. Because the Word of God is central to all of life, enriches the believer, and governs the affairs of God's people, the faithful, careful, expository preaching of that Word cannot be minimized. The Word of God lies at the very heart of the Church. Whether we are going verse by verse through a book of the Bible or working our way through a biblical topic, we will ground everything upon the rock-solid foundation of Scripture.

Biblical Church Membership & Congregational Oversight

Church membership is both a wonderful privilege, a significant responsibility, and an obligation for the Christian. Of course, formal attachment to a local body of Christ should only be entered into with careful thought and a clear understanding of all that is involved, but it is our conviction that every Christian should be formally attached and invested in a particular body of believers. One of the responsibilities and obligations of every church member is oversight of the direction and ministry of the church. Each church member is responsible for governing the affairs of their church under the authority of Scripture. All of our members are taken through a very helpful membership class.

Engaged Worship

There is no greater injustice on the earth than this: those who are created in the image of God do not worship Him. Sincere, heart-engaged worship is our desire each time we gather on the Lord’s Day. Through the appointed means of singing, giving, praying, and the reading, preaching and hearing of God’s Word we long to know both joy and awe as we come into His presence.

Pastoral Care

We are blessed with pastors who take the care of their flock seriously. They keep watch over our souls “as those who must give an account.” They do it with joy through faithful preaching, Life Groups, individual one-on-one discipleship, and ready availability with wise counsel.

Godly Living

This is one of the practical out-workings of expository preaching, active church membership, engaged worship and pastoral care.  The teachings of the Bible must come to daily expression in the Christ-like, godly lives of those who make up the body of Christ.  We want to live the Bible out at home, in community with each other, at work, and at play.

Brotherly Love

One of the central hallmarks of a true follower of Christ is brotherly love.  Our warm affection and practical interest in one another’s lives come to expression in the mutual love, forgiveness, encouragement and care we have for one another. We cultivate and encourage this loving relationship through weekly gatherings of Care Groups. All members of First Baptist Church are encouraged to be active participants with their brothers and sisters in a weekly gathering of Care Groups.

Community Outreach

Whether it’s neighbor to neighbor or one side of Kamloops to the other, we have an increasing desire to serve our city with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This happens practically through regular block parties, volunteering with local community events, kids clubs, high school outreach and mentorship for kids at South Kamloops Secondary School, and benevolent ministry.

World Missions

From church planting in nearby communities such as Chase, Cache Creek and Ashcroft to summer mission trips, kids clubs, backyard Bible clubs, block parties, to partnering financially with sister churches of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptists to fund hundreds of international missionaries, we long to see the Kingdom of Christ extended to other cultures around the world. First Baptist Church believes strongly in partnering with other like-minded churches in jointly funding the work of missionaries all across the globe through the Fellowship International Missions Agency of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptists.

Racial Harmony

Because “the middle wall of separation” has been broken down, we want to see racial harmony in our own congregation.  If God is calling people out of every tribe, tongue, people and nation, we must provide an atmosphere in which people from every race can come and find a warm welcome.

Social Justice

The heart of the Gospel is about sinners being right with God through Jesus Christ.  But the Gospel is not blind to issues like the oppression of the poor, the needs of the underprivileged, the plight of the homeless, and the rights of the unborn.  We seek to be an advocate for the unborn and providing for the needs of the homeless. Individual members actively support and volunteer with the Pregnancy Care Center of Kamloops, New Life Community, while we also seek to be a discerning partner in various local initiatives and campaigns that address these social issues.