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Jul 31, 2022

Footsteps of Faith

Join us this morning as Pastor Tyler walks us through Romans 4:9-12!

May 22, 2022

Falling Short

We all fall short. All of us. But what difference does this really...

Mar 27, 2022

Beautiful Devotion

With the Passover at hand we are to be encouraged in our devotion...

Feb 27, 2022

The Great Commission

We are called to follow God forward into the world in taking the Gospel...

Jul 25, 2021

God's Dwelling Place

David desires to build a dwelling place for God, but God desires to...

Jul 04, 2021

Give Thanks to God!

God wants to make us people who exhibit a thankfulness in proper...

May 23, 2021

Faith in Jesus Christ

Felix is given ample opportunity by Paul to have faith in Christ, but...

May 16, 2021

The Resurrected Way

The entire world lies under the sentence of death, but refuses to...

Apr 18, 2021

The Defense of Hope

It is spring, and the Lord reigns, as always! Remember, it wasn't that...

Dec 20, 2020

King of the Jews

The birth of Christ introduces the ultimate authority to the world...