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The Observer

What happened to the Pop cultural Spiritual Leaders of Yester Year?

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

The days of the Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra seem to have faded. But what replaces the pop cultural spiritual of the previous decade? 

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Tags: god, spirituality, christians, secular, people, society, secularism, dalai lama, pandemic, observer, kamloops, canadians, lumping, taxonomy, divisive issue

The Pope Apologizes to Canadian First Nations

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

It's Monday, April 4 2022. I'm Joshua Claycamp. And this is the observer. A Kamloops Christians reflection upon the news from a biblical perspective. In order to help Christians understand how we need to think and feel about current events. Well, indigenous delegates to the Vatican last week...

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Tags: church, god, power, forgiveness, christians, forgive, apology, pope, understand, rome, roman catholic church, apologizing, vatican, individuals, kamloops, indigenous, indigenous people, roman catholic theology, residential school system