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The Observer

US Supreme Court Strikes Down Abortion

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

The US Supreme Court is intent on overturning Roe v. Wade and striking down the national mandate for abortion. As the struggle heats up, progressives twist language to suit their purposes. Last week we were referring to "birthing persons" and "menstruators." Suddenly, the national conversation...

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Tags: abortion, children, life, women, law, christians, birth, mother, constitution, roe, decision, roe v. wade, justice alito, preborn children

Analysis shows that Medical Assistance in Suicide saves the Government Millions

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

This rather startling analysis of MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying) from an Oxford scholar in the United Kingdom, cynically points out that while advocates suggest that the law is about ensuring Canadians human dignity and autonomy in dying, it actually saves the government hundreds of million...

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Tags: abortion, god, life, government, law, death, called, murder, suicide, country, ukraine, poland, bill, canada, euthanasia, maid, xu, medical assistance, medical assistance in dying, marchenko