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The Observer

Crypto-currency isn't really Cryptic at all

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

What is the value of Crypto-Currency? The government can track it. There is no anonymity or confidentiality in it. So what is it good for? What problem does crypto solve?

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Tags: money, problem, government, field, evaluate, cash, question, track, crops, buy, bank, observer, trudeau, ponzi scheme, transactions, cryptocurrency, emergency powers act, prime minister justin trudeau, bitcoin, crypto

After-school Satan Clubs Target Schools where Good News Clubs operate

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

The Satanic Temple only starts after-school Satan clubs in schools where Good News clubs are actively operating. They insist that they don't actually worship Satan, they just oppose Jesus. But if it walks like an Antichrist, if it talks like an Antichrist, and it looks like an Antichrist... it's...

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Tags: god, government, called, satan, organizations, moral, society, morality, act, inquiry, trudeau, convoy, emergency powers act, satanic temple, prime minister justin trudeau, satan club