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The Observer

Canadian Politics reminds us why we wait for King Jesus

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

While the Conservatives were quick to condemn the Liberals for Motion 11, eliminating a balance against their power, aren't the Conservatives doing the exact same thing in unduly and unfairly eliminating social conservatives from running for leadership of the party?

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Tags: power, leadership, authority, government, king, christians, party, seek, order, rules, abuse, canada, liberals, conservatives, ballot, candidates, observer, individuals, parliament, ndp

Trusting God while facing the Prospect of Nuclear War

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

What does Russia's resolve in the face of the sinking of the Moskva tell us about Putin's resolve? Perhaps more pointedly, what does Putin's resolve tell us about the prospects of nuclear war in Europe? How should Christian's react to Putin's nuclear sabre rattling?

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Tags: god, peace, war, defense, nations, rules, ukraine, ship, russia, caesar augustus, rome, russian, moscow, terms, ukrainian, escalate, nuclear war, apparent, sank, german high command, black sea fleet