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The Observer

The Danger of teaching SOGI 123, Transgenderism


Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

Research clearly shows that teaching LGBTQ sexuality to young students leads to extremely dangerous behaviors, gender dysphoria, and a shocking rise in suicide attempts. MLAs in BC push SOGI123 because they believe it leads to de-stigmatization and better mental health outcomes. But is that...

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Tags: god, students, government, teaching, encourage, suicide, bill, florida, transgender, disney, simply, political, district, lgbtq, result, continue, individuals, transgenderism, heterosexual, sex reassignment surgery

How do we cure the Spirit of War?

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

It's Monday, April 11 2022. I'm Joshua Claycamp. And this is the observer a Kamloops Christians reflection upon the news from a biblical perspective. In order to help Christians understand how we need to think about current events, we are reminded in the prophet Isaiah that God shall judge...

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Tags: jesus, students, idol, peace, war, jen, christians, world, people, day, ukraine, russia, soviet, russian, reminded, kamloops, reported, brava, russian government, ukrainian forces

Taking the Education of Children Seriously

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

If parents don't take the education of their children seriously, LGBTQ activists will! The "Don't say gay" bill endures intense criticism from LGBTQ activists and the Hollywood glitterati. In BC, SOGI 123 becomes dogma.

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Tags: students, children, education, parents, gender identity, affirming, canada, lgbtq, sexual orientation, kamloops, indigenous, residential schools, residential school