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Top Blog Posts of the Week 12/01/2012

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

BlogThis is a list of recent blog posts which I found interesting. That I found them interesting doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with or endorse all of the ideas presented in the posts, but that I found them to be intriguing and thought-provoking. They may benefit you as you prayerfully consider your area of shepherding and stewardship, which has been given to you in trust by the Lord. (They are listed in no particular order of interest.) Please post your comments to discuss  any article that strikes your interest. If you have recent blog posts to nominate, please send the link and your reasons for nominating that post to

Apologetics: Challenge those who claim to be tolerant to actually be tolerant.

This is a great piece of wisdom from Gregory Koukle, posted by Randy Alcorn.

Kosher Jesus: Messianic Jews in the Holy Land

The Atlantic gives an extended look at Jews who believe in Christ who are currently living in Israel. It was interesting.

The Unlucky Winners

Time takes a look at those who won the big jackpot, and what happened to them afterwards. It is a sad tale: drugs, alcohol, depression, loneliness, and suicide. Money can't satisfy, and tons of money only exposes the true gaping hole in every heart that longs for an intimate relationship with the Father. I pray that your pursuit of money would stop, and that you would turn to Christ.

Balance is Bunk

Everybody is always talking about being balanced. But it is all a lie. This is a great perspective, and I pray we would start focusing our priorities.

There is no such thing as a balanced life. It’s a false goal, a mirage propagated by a culture that doesn’t recognize a blunt fact of life. Some things are just more important than other things in life. Everything is not equal and no, everyone and everything doesn’t deserve a few moments of your time.

Your IQ Doesn't Matter & Other Lessons About Creativity From Children

This article demonstrates that short term gains for intelligence quotient matter very little. But character formation through discipline and rigorous study is everything. I thoroughly enjoyed this article, and I think it would be well worth your time, especially if you work with kids or are a parent. Moms and Dads, shepherd that which God has entrusted to you!

Florida woman Edwarda O'Bara dies after 42 years in coma

In a world that celebrates death and looks for every opportunity to pull the plug and kill the unborn, this is truly heart touching. A promise is a promise, and a life created in the image of God is a life worth protecting and serving until the very end. My deepest condolences go out to the O'Bara family, and it is to such as these that I give my deepest expressions of gratitude and highest praises of honour.

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