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The foremost purpose of First Baptist Church is to praise, worship, glorify, and enjoy a close relationship with God forever. The term "worship" is often correctly applied to all of a Christian's life, and it is true that everything in our life should be an act of worship. Everything the church does should be considered worship, because everything the church does should glorify God.

However, worship in a more specific sense refers to the music and words that Christians direct toward God in praise of Him. This together with the joined heart and attitudes of believers within the assembled congregation of the Church form the Sunday Worship service.

The greatest and foremost ministry of First Baptist Church is the Sunday Worship Service. It is our conviction that as believers draw together to worship God and hear Him speak through His Word, our minds are instructed in knowledge, our hearts are shaped to reflect His emotions and values, and our lives are molded to glorify Him. In short, Sunday Worship makes us better people and honors God.

Join us every Sunday for worship!