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Worship: The Role of Music During Times of Crises

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/justintaylor/files/2013/05/hymnal.jpgEveryone experiences crises and tragedy, and everyone develops their own coping mechanisms for responding to those crises or tragedies. The Psalms teach that worship is the best way to respond to tragedy or crises and that seeking the comfort of God through worshiping Him is the best response.

Psychological investigation into the lives of church members experiencing tragedy seems to support this conclusion as well. I read a study today from the Journal of American Psychology, documenting the value that worship plays:

"The first few times we read over the transcripts of the interviews, the authors missed the impact of music on those in crises. After repeatedly reviewing the interview transcripts, we noted that about half of the subjects described how music sustained them during times of crises. Some would reflect on the words and images of the hymn. Others would turn on a CD and listen to Christian music. One woman described being in the intensive care unit, filled with fear that she was going to die. She was unable to sleep even with the help of sleep medication. Only when her family played some of her favorite Christian music could she relax and finally sleep at night.

Hymns and other Christian music are poetic ways of communicating key theological themes of the faith. When some of these beliefs were shaken by the horror of crises, familiar hymns helped victims to hold onto their faith. Frequently, it was the thoughts contained in the music that were most important. Hymns help people anchor the meaning of their faith. Music allows them to process experiences, beliefs, and reflections faster and at a deeper level."

-A Study of Church Members During Times of Crises, by Stone, Cross, Purvis and Young.

The Scriptures precede the modern discoveries of Psychology, so we could say all along that we already knew this by a simple trust in the Word of God. But we are still thankful for the scientific research which corroborates the truth of the Bible.

So... got worship?


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