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How to Subscribe to our Podcast!

03.07.17 | Church & Ministry, News | by Kyla Bleyenberg

How to Subscribe to our Podcast!

    For those from around Kamloops who are interested in subscribing to the podcast of First Baptist Church.

    For those of you who are new to this, a podcast is essentially an audio broadcast similar to a radio broadcast but transmitted digitally through I-Tunes or Google as opposed to being broadcast through the air using radio signals. Podcasts have been around for awhile now, but not everyone from around Kamloops knows how to subscribe or get on the podcasting wagon.

    There are quite a few good podcasts to subscribe to, and there are even a few from around Kamloops worth listening to. To find and subscribe to the First Baptist Church podcast:

    1. Open iTunes. If you do not have iTunes, download the latest version of iTunes, free.
    2. In the upper-right corner of iTunes, click iTunes Store in the navigation bar.
    3. Click Podcasts in the navigation bar.
    4.  Search for our podcast by entering the term, "First Baptist Church" in the Search Store field. When iTunes displays results for your search, click Podcasts in the list on the right to show only podcasts.
    5. When you find our podcast, you can:
      • Stream the podcast directly from the store by double-clicking an episode.
      • Download a specific episode to your iTunes library by clicking the Free button next to an individual episode.
      • Subscribe to the podcast by selecting Subscribe below the cover art located on the left of the podcast page.