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Cutting the Livestream Feed


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When First Baptist Church of Kamloops launched its live stream worship service in March of 2020, it was a great blessing. We believe this was the right decision in that season. However, after nineteen months, we believe it is time to cut the live stream feed.

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What about 2019?

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

Bold is the opposite of most church “tradition”. Tradition is often an unexamined comfort zone. Tradition can sometimes keep us from scrutinizing ourselves in humility before the Lord. Let’s evaluate our efforts in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ in Kamloops with a frank and honest...

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Christian Ownership and Property

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

Christianity teaches that personal property, ownership and stewardship are good gifts given by God, and one way that we can learn more about Him.

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Top Posts of the Week: Exodus International Edition

Posted by Joshua Claycamp on

Exodus International closed their doors this week. The President of Exodus states that their efforts were "wrong," have "hurt" others, and simply didn't work.

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